What’s Happening to Knowledge?

“The old principles for the organization of knowledge turn out to be based on principles for organizing physical objects; in the digital age we’re creating new principles free of the old limitations. This is changing the basic shape of knowledge, from (typically) trees to miscellanized piles. This has consequences for the nature of topics, the role of metadata, and, crucially, the authority of knowledge. In short, the change in the shape of knowledge is also changing its place. Despite the hysteria too often heard, knowledge is not being threatened. We are way too good at generating knowledge, and it is way too important to us as a species. But, much of what we’re doing together on the Web is about increasing meaning, not knowledge. That re-frames knowledge — traditional and Wikipedian — in ways that are hard to predict but important.” (David Weinberger – Wikimania 2006 Proceedings)

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