Top Designer Says World Cup Design ‘Just Embarrassing’

“They are over-organized; there are too many messages; and nobody wants to take on responsibility. In fact, it is a perfect mirror of German society right now. It is very much akin to the governing grand coalition — two big parties that are basically canceling each other out because no one can make any decisions. Everyone is trying to be nice, everyone knows we have to do something, change society, change behavior, and economy, but no one wants to take the first step because we’re so comfortable. We’re still wrapped up in our nice security blanket. We know it’s cold outside, but we just stay inside and huddle. This sort of World Cup design is very much communal huddling — trying to please everyone but never even putting a finger outside of that security blanket.” (says Erik Spiekermann – Deutsche Welle) – courtesy of dirkknemeyer

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