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Accessibility is the degree to which a product, device, service, or environment is available to as many people as possible. (source: Wikipedia)

Attitudes to Web Accessibility

“During the summer of 2003, we ran an online questionnaire, conducted interviews and carried out a literature review on Web accessibility. One hundred and seventeen respondents participated and they included designers, information officers and accessibility advocates. This initial set of results are intended to encourage debate on the subject.” (John Knight – Usability News)

Website Accessibility And The Private Sector: Disability Stakeholders Cannot Tolerate 2% Access!

“(…) various Federal laws and Regulations (e.g. Section 508) have placed considerable pressure on web designers of all government entities and firms seeking to do business with the Federal government to make their websites fully accessible. To minimize the possibility of being sued, all web designers for firms, large and small, private or public, for-profit or not-for-profit must deal with this issue of web accessibility.” (Ronald E. Milliman) – courtesy of digital web magazine