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July 2012

Perspectives in Experience Design

Well done, Milan!

“For me, the word Experience in the context of Design work refers to the way people experience the world, and making everything we produce fit into their lives. The word preceding Experience is about the perspective you use when talking about someone’s experience, the roles and the scope you want to focus on. For an enterprise, this translates to the ways it chooses to appear in people’s lives.”

(Milan Guenther a.k.a. @eda__c ~ Blurring Boundaries)

Developing a User Centric Content Strategy

What’s wrong to make content just for yourself?

“Content should exist because there is a target set of audience – people who will read, watch, and/or look at your stuff. Keep in mind that the reason we are making content is not to make ourselves feel good, or to archive and document what our company is about. We make content for people – users who drop by in your site because they want to know you!”

(Sean Si a.k.a. @h3sean ~ SEO Hacker)

Why The User Experience Can Or Cannot Be Designed

Designing the right circumstances so the proper experiences can emerge.

“It seems an endless discussion whether the user experience can or cannot be designed. The difficulty of the discussion lies in the level of abstraction. I believe that is because everything is an experience and everyone is a user. There is no standard definition, nor consensus among the practitioners, of what experience design really is. In this article I hope to shed some light on the issue. I will share my thoughts about the difficulties to design the user experience and give some practical tips how to overcome this challenge.”

(Paul Olyslager a.k.a. @paulolyslager ~ Usabilia)

A Business Case For Transformative Services

And do transformative services deliver the same kind of experiences?

“What kind of services will we need to offer that will create both value in a changing society and a changing business environment? And what does value mean for individuals in a service context? In the following we want to look at ‘transformative services’ and the potential they offer for businesses. With transformative services we mean those services that change the way individuals or groups behave in order to foster wellbeing and satisfaction of the individual or group while providing sustainable business value.”

(Melanie Wendland a.k.a. @MelanieWendland ~ Conversations by Fjord)