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May 2011

Three Questons: The Content Strategy Discipline

“Most of the content strategy literature tries to define the discipline in terms of the deliverables practitioners produce‚Äďaudits, plans, style guides and other resources, UX recommendations, human resource models, tooling recommendations, process engineering flow charts, etc. This is all well and good. But it won’t help to evangelize the practice of content strategy, or help define what unifies all these activities.” (Writing for Digital)

Patterns: Design Insights Emerging and Converging

“Patterns are how we capture and share some of the common insights we see bubbling up across projects, as well as out and about in the world. They are a foundation for intuition. A way to elevate insights to the level of cultural impact. And a way to tap into IDEO’s collective intelligence to do better work for our clients – even faster. We’ve had the privilege of tackling some of the toughest design challenges for some of the most innovative companies around the world. And what we’ve found is that many of these challenges are shared by multiple companies across a variety of industries. These are challenges we all have the potential to solve. But we believe that can only happen when we work together. Openly and collectively.” (IDEO) courtesy of ruurdpriester