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June 2009

What is an Experience Strategy?

“An experience strategy is that collection of activities that an organization chooses to undertake to deliver a series of (positive, exceptional) interactions which, when taken together, constitute an (product or service) offering that is superior in some meaningful, hard-to-replicate way; that is unique, distinct and distinguishable from that available from a competitor.” (Steve Baty – Johnny Holland Magazine)

The Life Cycle of a Wireframe

“For those who are looking for my slides from the Puget Sound SIGCHI lecture and for those who missed it but are curious, here is my presentation. It focuses specifically on my personal process for creating wireframes. There are 4 parts to my process, each has a series of deliverables that feed into it and principals I try to keep in mind, the outcome is either a single or a series of IA deliverables. My overall strategy for IA is three step process; understanding the problem (note: not merely identifying the problem but really understanding it), find a solution (there may be more than one solution, but there is often only one right solution), and present the solution (a large part of your job as a IA is presenting your work so the client can understand the results). Hope you enjoy the slides, these are admittedly pretty rough. I plan to refine and show better pairing between the principals and the specific outcome of applying them to the wireframes in the future.” – (Nick Finck)

Designing the Windows 7 Desktop Experience

“The new Windows 7 desktop experience, including the new taskbar and Aero Snap, is both a major user experience change for Windows and an early success story. How did we go about evolving pieces of UI that haven’t seen major change since 1995? Come hear about our design process and see the evolution of the design through sketches and prototypes. Find out about our challenges and learn how we used iteration, developer collaboration and design principles to increase customer satisfaction and enthusiasm.” – (Stephen Hoefnagels – MIX09 videos)

From Idea to Feature: A view from Design

“What about unarticulated needs? The data plus intent shows the ‘known world’ and ‘known solution space’, but one role we have is to be forward thinking and consider needs or desires that are not clearly articulated by those who do not have the full time job to consider all the potential solution spaces. The solution space could potentially be much broader than readily apparent from the existing and running product—it might involve a rearchitecture, new hardware, or an invention of a new user interface.” – (Engineering Windows 7)

Dear AmericanAirlines

“I’m a user interface designer. I travel sometimes. Recently, I had the horrific displeasure of booking a flight on your website, The experience was so bad that I vowed never to fly your airline again. But before we part ways, I have a couple questions and three suggestions for you.” – (Dustin Curtis) courtesy of rmoens