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April 2009

Interview with Richard Saul Wurman (Part 1)

“Part one of my first interview with RSW. In this introductory segment, I asked him about the 1976 AIA Conference (I posted a PDF of the advance program from this milestone in the history of Information Architecture a few weeks ago), about the job-title ‘information architect’ and also about librarianship as it pertains (or not) to his concept of IA. Many more segments to follow!” – (Dan KlynWildly Appropriate) courtesy of petermorville

Why Designing Products and Services is a Team Sport

“Most of today’s design products and services are so complex they require input across silos. This leads to scattered departments where efforts are stitched together by a product manager. What’s worse, each department has different measures of success. Marketing works to increase leads and brand perception; product managers strive to be on time and on budget; engineers want to meet requirements; manufacturers focus on minimizing defects; designers aim for useful, usable, and desirable products.” – (Peter MerholzHarvard Business)