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June 2006

Journeying Through CHI 2006

“When I signed up to attend CHI 2006, for the very first time in my seven-year career, I didn’t expect that I’d spend most of the event helping to staff our company’s exhibit space and drive hiring for the St. Jude Medical Human Factors Engineering team. In 2001, a paper I’d co-authored with Robert Reimann was accepted for CHI, but I was unable to attend due to conflicting project duties. Over the years, events always seemed to conspire against my attending CHI, although I’ve had the pleasure of attending other conferences such as DIS and DUX. At CHI 2006, I hoped to educate myself about leading research and fresh trends in the field of computer human interaction, as well as network with folks I’ve worked and communicated with, especially through the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). In the end, though, working the St. Jude Medical booth consumed the bulk of my time.” (Elizabeth BaconUXmatters)

Returning to CHI: Different Experience, Same Rush

“In April of 2001, a small dotcom sent a young Webmaster to a conference called CHI in Seattle. That was my first CHI experience. I had been forced to read The Design of Everyday Things, the author of which was some guy the owner knew from when he was working on his PhD at the University of California, San Diego—that’d be Don Norman. I’d never been to Seattle, never been on a business trip before, knew hopelessly little about the concept of usability—except that I was grateful when somebody blamed her problems with doors on the designers of the doors and not her inability to intuit in which direction a door will open—and was chaperoned by most of the dotcom’s management team.” (Jessyca Frederick – UXmatters)

The Reboot8 Conference Podcasts

“People coming to reboot – as long as they don’t fall into the mainstream definition – are about challenges and achieving something; not for themselves but for all of us. It is not so much about the money but about the rest around it.” (bloxpert) – courtesy of langemarkcafe

Innovation Through Design Thinking

“(…) a ‘design thinker’ must not only be intensely collaborative, but ’empathic, as well as have a craft to making things real in the world.’ Since design flavors virtually all of our experiences, from products to services to spaces, a design thinker must explore a ‘landscape of innovation’ that has to do with people, their needs, technology and business. Timothy Brown (CEO of IDEO) dips into three central ‘buckets’ in the process of creating a new design: inspiration, ideation and implementation. ” (MIT World) – courtesy of elearningpost

USer Interface eXtensible Markup Language

“(…) a XML-compliant markup language that describes the UI for multiple contexts of use such as Character User Interfaces (CUIs), Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), Auditory User Interfaces, and Multimodal User Interfaces. In other words, interactive applications with different types of interaction techniques, modalities of use, and computing platforms can be described in a way that preserves the design independently from peculiar characteristics of physical computing platform.” (

Tagging 2.0 panel at SXSW2006

“The Tagging 2.0 panel I organized at South by SouthWest 2006 in March is now a Tagging 2.0 podcast among the many SXSW 2006 podcasts you can download. The Tagging 2.0 panel was one of the ‘highly-rated panels’ this year, tied for first place with a number of other entertaining and informative panels too so check out their podcasts as they become available as well.” (Tagsonomy)