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April 2006

Rethinking EIA: Becoming Information Ecologists

“This post attempts to rethink EIA and argues that information architecture need not be constrained to designing structures and managing content as it relates to the Web or for any electronic system for that matter. Instead, I argue that an enterprise information architect might also be called, as Thomas Davenport coins it, an ‘Information Ecologist’.” (Rob FayPartial Recall) – courtesy of steptwodesign

Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing

Chapter samples (and more to come soon) – “The age of ubiquitous computing is here: a computing without computers, where information processing has diffused into everyday life, and virtually disappeared from view. What does this mean to those of us who will be encountering it? How will it transform our lives? And how will we learn to make wise decisions about something so hard to see?” (Adam GreenfieldStudies and Observations) – courtesy of petermorville

The Workplace Blog

“The Workplace Blog is written by Shiv Singh, Ray Velez and the Enterprise Solutions Team at Avenue A | Razorfish. The blog covers news, trends, commentary, events and emerging technologies that are affecting the enterprise workplace. It also provides a unique perspective on what’s happening in the enterprise market and how companies are retooling their intranets, extranets, portals and web applications to meet the needs of their business. The blog reflects the views of the individual authors and not necessarily the views of the company.” (Avenue A | Razorfish ES) – Keep up the good work!