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January 2006

Interview w/ Joi Ito

“Chaosradio Express episode 11 is an interview with 22C3’s keynote speaker Joi Ito. The interview touches various topics including Chicago’s club scene and Joi’s affiliation with it, the early Internet days via X.25, Creative Commons licensing issues, the Open Source Initiative, political activism in general and what can and should be done, optimism vs. pessimism in the current situation of global political fighting, ICANN, living a super-public life and combining all kinds of modern communication tools, the influence of the Internet on political activism and democracy and of course the 22C3 and his personal experiences at the event.” (Chaosradio)

Semantic Typography: Bridging the XHTML gap

“In the Web Standards community we hear the words ‘Semantic Markup’ thrown around a lot as a concept—the right thing to do— but I know a lot of designers who are trying to learn this stuff are being confused by the whole ‘semantic thing’. It’s a difficult task for a designer, who primarily thinks very visually, to relate to a concept like semantics in a document when all they want to do is create something. After doing a ton of research over the past couple of weeks I’ve begun to notice links and patterns between typographic theory and Web Standards.” (Mark Boulton) – courtesy of webgraphics

Design by Politics

An interview with John Maeda – “I’m not only interested in marketing simplicity, I’m interested in marketing creative thinking. I believe that creative thinking is rapidly disappearing, because business is so focused on measurable outcomes and the economy is known to improve if reading and mathematics are strong in society.” (Sascha Pohflepp)

Learning increases resolution

“Learning music changes music. Learning about wine changes wine. Learning about Buddhism changes Buddhism. And learning Excel changes Excel. If we want passionate users, we might not have to change our products–we have to change how our users experience them. And that change does not necessarily come from product design, development, and especially marketing. It comes from helping users learn.” (Kathy SierraCreating Passionate Users)